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Sea Shepherd Scandinavia has policies and will take measures at any time to safeguard against any of the following being committed against members of the public or indeed Sea Shepherd staff or volunteers:

  • Racism, sexism and/or religious hate speech
  • Threats of, or actual violence to any person (or animal)

Sea Shepherd Scandinavia operates without prejudice towards race, color, nationality, religious belief, or any other consideration except for an impartial adherence to upholding international conservation law to protect endangered marine species and ecosystems. Sea Shepherd Scandinavia does not condone or tolerate support of recognized racial or religious ‘hate groups’.

Sea Shepherd operates outside the petty cultural chauvinism of the human species. Our clients are whales, dolphins, seals, turtles, sea-birds, and fish. We represent only their interests.

Our Scandinavian volunteers come from all backgrounds and Sea Shepherd crewmembers and campaign volunteers come from all over the world including from countries where we oppose poaching or habitat destruction.

We are not anti-any nationality or culture. We are pro-wildlife/habitat and we oppose poachers / illegal operations and those who exploit habitats, endanger protected marine or freshwater wildlife or pollute rivers, seas and oceans.

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