Bob Barker departs for Operation Icefish

Wednesday, 03 Dec, 2014

This morning, the Sea Shepherd ship, the Bob Barker, departed Hobart for the commencement of the organisation’s 11th Southern Ocean Defence Campaign, Operation Icefish.

Sea Shepherd press conference in Hobart this morning. Photo: Simon Ager

After successfully championing the suspension of Japan’s illegal whaling program in the Southern Ocean, Sea Shepherd will this year focus its efforts to directly intervene against the illegal fishing of Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish.

Captain of the Bob Barker, Peter Hammarstedt, said, “Our ships are once again preparing to take their place as the last line of defence to protect the precious marine life of Antarctica. This year, we will track-down the criminal profiteers who poach vulnerable toothfish, we will drive them out of their hunting grounds in the shadowlands of the Southern Ocean, and we will deliver them into the hands of justice.”

Operation Icefish will see two ships patrol the Southern Ocean shadowlands. The second Sea Shepherd ship involved in the campaign, the Sam Simon, will leave Wellington to join the Bob Barker in the next week.

"When the poachers are found, their gear will be confiscated and the fish will be returned to the ocean. Sea Shepherd will also work with the relevant law enforcement agencies internationally to have these vessels arrested and impounded and the vessel owners held responsible for their operations," says Captain of the Sam Simon, Sid Chakravarty.

"Our brave international crew will once again depart from Hobart, Tasmania, what is considered the gateway to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Antarctica. Yet they will not sail alone, for they take with them the hopes, aspirations and support from people all over the world, who are fed up with talk and broken promises, people who are crying out for the action in defence of the oceans," said Jeff Hansen, Managing Director Sea Shepherd Australia.


Bob Brown and Peter Hammarstedt speak to media before the Bob Barker’s departure. Photo: Simon Ager
Bob Barker crew wave goodbye to supporters. Photo: Simon Ager
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