Veganfor the Ocean Challenge

Vegan for the Ocean

Sea Shepherd invites anyone who loves vegan food to join our challenge by sharing their favourite vegan recipe, hosting a virtual vegan dinner for friends and inspire them to donate to Sea Shepherd.

Operation Sola Stella

Combatting Illegal Fishing in Liberia, West Africa

Illegal Fishing Campaigns

Partnerships to Protect Africa’s Marine Wildlife

Operation Albacore

Fighting illegal fishing in Gabon, West Africa.

Operation Nyamba

Sea turtle defense on the French island of Mayotte

Operation Reef Defence

A Campaign to Stop Adani in the Great Barrier Reef

Operation Dolphin Bycatch

Protecting dolphins on France's Atlantic Coast

Apex Harmony - Timor Leste 2017

Fighting illegal shark fishing in East Timor

Operation Jodari

Combatting illegal fishing in Tanzania

Whale Defense Campaign

The next step in fighting illegal whaling

Operation Jeedara

Defending the Great Australian Bight

Operation Bloody Fjords

Pilot Whale Defense Campaign in the Faroe Islands

Operation Siracusa

Defending the Plemmirio Marine Reserve in Italy

Operation Jairo Med 2017

Sea turtle defense in the Mediterranean Sea

Operation Siso

Fighting illegal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea

Operation Nemesis

Our 11th Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign

Operation Icefish 2014/15

Chasing down a notorious poaching fleet

Operation Driftnet

Shutting Down a Fleet of Illegal Driftnetters

Perkunas Campaign

Defending harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea

Vegan for the Ocean

Protecting the Ocean Starts on Your Plate