Donate funds or supplies for Sea Shepherd's direct-action campaigns

Sea Shepherd relies on the generosity of its supporters who donate goods, services, and the funds necessary to operate our direct-action campaigns for the oceans. Whether it's a one-time gift, a monthly recurring donation, or the fulfillment of one of our wishlist items to keep the fleet equipped, every contribution big or small is greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference and continue the fight to defend, conserve and protect our oceans!

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Put your donation immediately to use in support of Sea Shepherd’s direct-action campaigns around the world. Donate securely online via PayPal.

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Become a Member of the Direct Action Crew

As a member of the Direct Action Crew, you help Sea Shepherd sustains our life-saving operations, plan and budget campaigns more effectively and be the first to respond to an untimely disaster or emergency! In addition, you will receive a Direct Action Crew members-only t-shirt and exclusive updates from our campaigns around the world!


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Ways of donating in Sweden

If you live in Sweden you can also donate through Swish or become sign up for monthly donations with Autogiro.

Donate via Swish: 123 007 94 26

Donate now - Autogiro
Make a Direct Deposit

If you would like to donate by direct deposit please use the following information:


Sea Shepherd Scandinavia
Organisation number: 802501-8856
Swedbank. Bankgiro: 5126-9280
IBAN: SE79 8000 0815 6296 4304 1420

Sea Shepherd Wish Lists
Donate Supplies

Support our ships and crews with the equipment, gear and supplies they need to save lives! If you have any of these items or can purchase any of these items on Sea Shepherd's behalf, your special support will be greatly appreciated.

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Where Do Your Donations Go?

Thanks to donations from our generous supporters, Sea Shepherd can continue the fight to save our oceans. We run a very lean ship, and make sure that 90% of all donations go directly towards our direct-action campaign operations. To give you an idea of where your donations go:


- €10 a month helps supply charts for the bridge team OR essential tools for our deck department;

- €20 a month feeds our whole crew for a day OR provides valuable equipment for our engine room;

- €50 a month allows us to purchase audio-visual equipment to monitor illegal poachers OR purchase a new drysuit for our crew;

- €100 a month provides a day's fuel for our small boats team OR 4 hours of fuel for the Bob Barker patrolling the seas on anti-poaching campaigns.