Sea Shepherd featured in The Most Important Comic Book on Earth

Wednesday, 21 Jul, 2021

Sea Shepherd’s unforgettable 110-day chase of the poaching vessel Thunder is the subject of the comic “The Shepherd and The Thunder”, one of the 120 stories featured in the new anthology by Rewriting Extinction, “The Most Important Comic Book on Earth: Stories to Save the World”.

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The story was developed by Sea Shepherd Captain Peter Hammarstedt with writer Brian Azzarello, art by Danijel Zezelj and lettering by Bernardo Brice to bring one of Sea Shepherd’s greatest campaign victories to life.

In late 2014 the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon departed for the Southern Ocean on Operation Icefish to hunt down one of the world’s most notorious illegal fishing vessels, The Thunder, discovering it just off the coast of Antarctica in December.

The record-breaking 110-day chase that followed resulted in the captain finally scuttling his own ship to attempt to destroy evidence. But Sea Shepherd was able to secure the proof of their poaching operations and turned it over to INTERPOL along with the rescued captain and crew to face justice. The success of Operation Icefish kicked off Sea Shepherd’s campaigns to fight Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing in Africa through joint operations with authorities in seven countries.

We’re excited to see the story of the Thunder included in Rewrite Extinction’s project. The anthology is a global collaboration of 300 leading environmentalists, artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, and musicians to not just bring attention to species extinction, but to support projects and organizations fighting to save the planet.

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